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POST to /airbnb_jobs/


The post request should must have a JSON body containing an object with the keys “listing_ids” and “name”.

  • “listing_ids” should be an array of all of the Airbnb listing ids that you would like to include in this job.
  • “name” is the name of the job, and will be used for the filename prefix (ie. NAME_2020-01-01.gz where 2020-01-01 is the date of the file).
  • “frequency” can optionally be included to specify the frequency in days the job should be run. Default is 1 (every day).

Note: Airbnb Listings Jobs are charged per successfully captured listing / per day.

   "name": "test_job",
   "listing_ids": [


The response will be the job id for the newly created job.

   "id": 34